About us U Balona

The inn was built in 1911, later in the 1990s it was named Na Selské, but it was still known as "U Balona". Why “U Balona”? The story has been going on for decades, and some of our long- term quests them will surely recall it. Bartender Balon, was a well-known and interesting figure in our history and the pub was called after him since forever even after he passed away.  This story does not end there, as there is another interesting event that can really be written only by life itself. In 2010 we, married couple Balon, bought this beautiful but “well worn” pub. Family bond, you say. No, simple, but unbelievable accordance of names.

Since 2010, we have made great strides in improving our inn that you can see in our section "How The Time Goes" and we plan to continue to surprise you :)
We are not a restaurant but a traditional Czech inn or pub. It does not change the fact that you eat delicious food, drink good quality "live" beer and you will be served with a pleasant service. Our inn became famous many years ago, thanks to the quality home cuisine, which is based on fresh ingredients and delicious tank beer from our “ Slezský pivovar” (Silesian brewery).
We regularly prepare various culinary events and specialties for you, such as the CZECH CLASSIC WEEKEND or GULAS WEEKEND. Come and see for yourself.
You can park in our private car park directly opposite the inn. Here we have built a covered pergola from the massive for our guests with a seating.. see the gallery.) www.ubalona.cz/fotogalerie/14_hostinec-u-balona_1.html



The restaurant U Balona
Selská 1329/43 Havířov

Phone: +420 596 810 914
Mobil: +420 601 550 001




We accept:
  • Ticket Restaurant
  • Gastro Pass
  • Chèque Déjeune
  • Payment by credit card
  • Money on hand :)